1) All prices are excluding VAT, if applicable.

2) All prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Every effort will be made to maintain prices but exchange rate fluctuations, changes in raw material costs and tax changes

may force us to change the prices. All orders will be shipped based on the new prices, should this occur.

3) The price of the goods bought by the customer is that listed in the price list of Paramount Contracts GB Ltd, current at the time of delivery.

4) All prices are including our standard packaging. Any changes to packaging-or personalised packaging, will be charged extra.


5) Payment : Debit or Credit Card payments for non-account holders. Strictly 30 days from invoice date for account holders.

Goods will not be delivered if the account is not kept up to date.

6) Automatic transfer to our debt collectors will happen for all accounts overdue by more than 30 days.

7) All costs of legal actions, or collection of overdue accounts, is payable by the customer.

8) Paramount Contracts GB Ltd. reserves the right to charge interest at the rate of 2,5% per month on the invoice amount if the due date

of the invoice is expired. This interest rate will apply until payment has been received in full.


9) For orders over 170.00 excluding VAT, there is no charge for carriage if the goods are ordered in one order and delivered to one address in the UK.

For orders under 170.00 excluding VAT, carriage will be charged. For North Scotland and for other areas, please contact the office.

10) The customer agrees that the goods are delivered in satisfactory condition by signing the delivery note for the goods,

even if the goods are signed for by the customer, shop keeper, agent, employee, representative.

11) All orders placed before 1PM are usually delivered next working day, if goods are in stock.

12) Any delivery dates given are approximate dates only and late delivery will not be an acceptable reason for refusing goods.

Goods can only be refused for late deliveries if we are informed in writing before the goods are dispatched.

Whilst every effort is made to deliver the ordered goods by the wanted delivery date, circumstances beyond our control,

such as weather, ferry strikes etc…may prevent us from importing certain items.

Paramount Contracts GB Ltd. shall be under no liability whatsoever to the customer should a late delivery occur.

13) Paramount Contracts GB Ltd. reserves the right to cancel an order or part of an order should we not be able to make the

delivery on the expected date of delivery by the customer.

Returns or cancellations

15) Claims for damaged or faulty stock or non-arrival of ordered goods must be made in writing within 3 working days of delivery date.

Damaged or faulty goods need to be returned to us before a credit note will be raised.

16) A 10% handling charge applies for all goods returned in good condition, unless goods are returned as result of an error made

by Paramount Contracts GB Ltd. If the goods returned are already priced by the customer, credit cannot be given.

17) No goods can be returned prior to agreement with Paramount Contracts GB Ltd.

No credit will be given for goods which are not sold prior to expiry of any "best before" date.

No credit will be given under any circumstances for goods that have already been price marked.

18) Paramount Contracts GB Ltd. reserves the right to cancel any order or part of an order in the event of circumstances happening

beyond our control or in the event of any unforeseen circumstances.

19) Orders may not be cancelled without prior agreement by Paramount Contracts GB Ltd.

Shelf life

20) All statements regarding shelf life of a product made in this brochure are dependent upon the correct storage of the products.


21) Title of goods remain the property of Paramount Contracts GB Ltd. until goods are paid in full. Liability to third parties passes to the

customer as soon as the goods are delivered to the customer.

22) The customer shall keep the goods in such a manner that they are identifiable by Paramount Contracts GB Ltd. The customer may sell the goods

in the normal course of its business. In the event of non-payment by the customer, by the due date

Paramount Contracts GB Ltd., or an appointed organisation, person , agent or company, shall be entitled, in addition to all other rights,

to enter any premises where the goods are stored and recover possession of the goods to the value of the outstanding amount.


23) All orders are accepted on the basis that they are subject to our terms and conditions as described above.

24) By ordering any goods from Paramount Contract Contracts GB Ltd, the customer accepts these terms and conditions.

25) E&0E

* This all year brochure supersedes all previous all year brochures.

14) If a customer requests goods to be stored in our warehouse, after an order is placed, a storage charge will apply.

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